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Planning for next seasons Displays has begun!

We have some ideas on what we would like to do this year.

However, our displays are only possible with the support of the club staff and the fans. Since our formation we have been blown away by level of support we’ve been given, in everything from donations, to help with preparing Home Park for large displays and sales of stickers and other items from our online shop.

last season we stepped up from our usual pitch side flags, (which are incredibly popular with young fans) larger surfer flag displays into a banners display for the manager, The biggest foil displays we have done to honor the late, great Paul Mariner and filling the Devonport end with green and white hand held flags.

We are always looking to match or outdo the displays we’ve done so far, and your donations, no matter how big or small help towards that and we thank you.

if you donate via Bank transfer we will receive all of your donation

Thanks for your continued support and here to a successful 2022 / 2023 season