PAFC Displays Raffle


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Product Description

Win a chance at attending the sponsors dinner next season with the sponsored player amongst many of the prizes below.
Big raffle to get PAFC Displays over the line for continued sponsorship of a player.
2 prizes that money can’t buy being the sponsored dinner and signed framed player shirt from the end of the season.
20 great prizes all entries will be allocated in order of payment screen shots posted in the comments.
Draw filmed live and done so using the random name wheel.
10 pound an entry 100 numbers.
all entries will have to go before this can be drawn.
Prizes will be.
1st prize 2 people to the sponsors dinner sit with the sponsored player
2nd prize Signed player shirt when made available from the sponsorship package
3rd prize X2 tickets for hospitality purchased for you.
4th prize Adult home shirt
5th prize Adult home shirt
6th prize Adult away shirt
7th prize Adult away shirt
8th prize Adult third shirt
9th prize Adult third shirt
10th prize X2 tickets to watch a match
11th prize Child’s home shirt
12th prize Child’s away shirt
13th prize £15 voucher
14th prize £15 voucher
15th prize £10 voucher
16th prize £10 voucher
17th prize £10 voucher
18th prize £10 voucher
19th prize £10 voucher
20th prize £10 voucher