We Are Argyle Flag Replacement

By October 12, 2020Uncategorized

With the sad news that we have had to bin our groups very first flag, we have decided that we wish to replace it. this time however we want to involve as many members of the Green Army, wherever you are in the world to literally put their name on the flag.

the first draft of the design is below. the two white sections either side of the Mayflower ship and the words “we Are Argyle” will be made up of the names of the people who donate.

we are offering fellow fans two options.

Option 1 – £10 donation to have your name on the flag.

Option 2 – £15 Donation to have you name on the flag and a mini version of it sent to you.

you can choose and option and donate now via our online shop at the link below the photo.

We really hope that everyone can buy into this, and make this become a reality and hopefully someday soon we can all be at Home Park again.

New We Are Argyle Flag Donations