Moving forward and looking ahead:

PAFC Displays have some great plans for the future, but like most things we can only do this if we have the peoplepower behind us. Currently we have a small group of people who help out from time to time and we can’t thank them enough for that but if we want take our future displays to the next level and help the team and club push on then we need more people in our team.

Benefits of joining PAFC Displays

There are a few benefits from join PAFC Displays that some of our

Its a brilliant social opportunity to meet with like-minded people , who share a passion for Argyle.

Jamie Yabsley, Head of Marketing and Communications at Argyle has said ” xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”

1st Team Coach, Kevin Nancekivell has said “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”

Everything we do is for the love of the club .Most of the things we do is not very glamorous. Moving flags, sorting out TIFO sheets, collecting flags at after games, making banners etc, but the pride we get as they are held up and on show makes it all worth while.

While most of our tasks are not glamorous, we do occasionally get to experience things that not every fans has the opportunity to do. Wembley was a perfect example of this. It was a huge reward for the small team who have helped out throughout the past few seasons.

The emotions we all felt down the from of the west stand when the We Are Argyle flag was sent into the stand, with 40,000 members of the Green Army cheering the boys were incredible and we would love to have more people involved and to share in similar experiences in the future.

We also would like to hear from supporter who may be keen to assist us with Argyle Ladies fixtures and Argyle Academy games. PAFC Displays isn’t just for the Men’s first team. we are one club.

So give us a shout via our contact page if you want to be a part of a growing team then please CLICK HERE