The PAFC Displays Guard of Honour: A Tradition of Pride and Passion

By June 24, 2024News

At PAFC Displays, we always look for ways to work with the club to enhance the matchday experience and bring our community closer together. Last season, we introduced a new tradition that quickly became a fan favourite: the Guard of Honour flags. As the teams approach the pitch, young fans create a vibrant corridor of team colours, waving flags with pride and enthusiasm. This spectacle not only energises the players but also amplifies the matchday atmosphere, making every game a memorable occasion.

A Resounding Success

In its inaugural year, the Guard of Honour was an overwhelming success. The sight of young supporters lining the pathway, flags held high, added a unique and emotional touch to the pre-match rituals. Parents and fans alike were thrilled to see the joy and pride on the faces of these young flag bearers, knowing they were part of something special. This initiative brought smiles to the families and young fans waving to them, fostering a deeper connection between the team and its youngest fans.

Join the Guard of Honour

We are excited to continue this tradition and invite our young fans to be part of the Guard of Honour this season. Participating is simple and a fantastic way for kids to feel involved in the matchday experience. Here’s how:

  1. Before the Match: Arrive early and look for the “Here to Help” staff in their distinctive purple high-vis vests. These friendly volunteers are stationed around the stadium, ready to assist with any questions and to distribute the coveted Guard of Honour tickets.
  2. Get Your Ticket: Approach a “Here to Help” staff member and request a Guard of Honour ticket. They will provide all the necessary information and ensure you are prepared to participate in the pre-match excitement.
  3. Wave the Flag: When the moment arrives, you’ll take your place with other young fans, flag in hand, ready to welcome the players onto the pitch. Feel the rush of excitement as you cheer on your team and contribute to an unforgettable atmosphere.

A Special Moment for Young Fans

Being part of the Guard of Honour is more than just waving a flag; it’s about being part of the club’s tradition, sharing in the collective spirit, and creating lifelong memories. It’s an opportunity for our youngest supporters to play a key role in the matchday experience, fostering a deeper connection with the team and the PAFC community.

At PAFC Displays, we’re committed to making each game day special. The Guard of Honour is just one of the many ways we bring our fans closer to the action and celebrate the passion that unites us all. We look forward to seeing many new faces join this tradition and help us cheer on the team to victory.

Join us this season and be a part of the magic. Get your Guard of Honour ticket from the “Here to Help” staff in the purple high-vis vests and make your matchday experience truly unforgettable!